When Should I Get BBL and Other Skin Care Treatments?

BBL treatments

Taking care of your skin is an everyday necessity. If you’re interested in or are currently getting any skin treatments, here are some tips on when and how often to get them:

What’s the Best Time to Get BBL and Other Skin Treatments?

It really depends on the patient’s lifestyle. However, generally, any chemical peels, laser treatments like MicroLaserPeel® and laser resurfacing, or light treatments like BBLTM or laser hair removal can have serious ramifications, which may include:

  • Burns
  • Discoloration
  • In severe cases, permanent damage if the treatment area is exposed to sun or heat.

For this reason, we may advise many of our patients to wait until fall or winter to get these treatments done.

This doesn’t mean these treatments can’t be performed during the summer, but our Providers just take into consideration if patients are going to be outside or doing activities that increase body heat. Many of these treatments are also on a certain timing in order for them to be effective so we will ask patients questions like, “Will you be going on vacation? If so, where? How long?”

Summer may actually be a great time to get BBL or other treatments if you have some downtime and can make sure to stay indoors afterward.

How Often Should I Get BBL and Other Skin Treatments?

The frequency of which patients need to get a treatment varies. Usually, there are packages available for patients to get a series of treatments and save money along the way.

How Often to Get BBL

BBL patients can get a package of four treatments, with each one happening every four weeks.

How Often to Get Microneedling and Chemical Peels

Microneedling and chemical peels are similar, but timing may vary depending on the patient’s level of skin damage and concern. Generally, most treatments are spaced out every four weeks.

Exceptions include laser hair removal on some parts of the body or MicroLaserPeel® treatments. Once skin care treatment packages are completed, Skin Cancer & Dermatology Institute recommends maintenance treatments at least once every six months until another series is needed.

To meet with a Skin Cancer & Dermatology Institute Provider to talk about the best treatments for your skin care goals, schedule an appointment today. 

(BBL is also known as BroadBand Light Phototherapy by Sciton®)