Meet Dr. Zumwalt

“It’s a great day at work when….
you can provide a patient a 98-99% cure rate of their skin cancer and perform their reconstruction within a few hours.”

We are excited to welcome Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon and Board-Certified Dermatologist, Michael Zumwalt, MD. Dr. Zumwalt studied medicine and completed his Dermatology residency at Loma Linda University. He then completed a Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology Fellowship Training at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla. He trained under the direction of Dr. Hugh Greenway, a past fellow of Dr. Frederick Mohs, the original pioneer of the Mohs surgical technique as well as plastic, head & neck, oculoplastic, and hand surgeons, plus cosmetic training with world-renowned laser expert, Dr. Vic Ross. 

Dr. Zumwalt is passionate about patient care and strives to deliver a “whole person” care approach in his practice. “Although it seems that modern medicine is dictated by clear cut clinical pathways,” he notes, “it is important to realize that the practice of medicine is an art.” Inspired by his mentor, Dr. Greenway to always focus on doing what is best for the patient, Dr. Zumwalt notes that when faced with tough clinical decisions to make, he feels it’s important for physicians to ask themselves, “If this patient were my family member, what would I recommend?”


Dr. Zumwalt’s Top 3 Skin Cancer Awareness Tips

Tip One: Elevation matters! The intensity of the sun’s UV rays increases by 10% per 1000 feet. That means you need to think about sun protection before going up and enjoy recreating in the Sierra Nevadas.   

Tip Two: The myth of “no burn, no harm”. Some types of skin cancers are associated with a history of recurrent sunburns while others are more associated with total cumulative time in the sun.  Just because you don’t get a sunburn does prevent you from getting skin cancer.   

Tip Three: If possible, try and plan your outdoor recreation in the morning or later afternoon when the sun’s intensity is low.  If you are recreating during the mid-day, protect your skin!     


What Cosmetic Dermatology offering do you feel is most important and effective for most people?

It depends on an individual’s genetics, skin type, sun exposure history and age but a combination of light-based rejuvenation modalities, neuromodulators and a tasteful amount of volume rejuvenation is the best approach in many cases.   

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Dr. Zumwalt sees patients at our Warren Way location in Reno, our Sparks location, and at our Carson City location. To schedule an appointment with Skin Cancer & Dermatology Institute, you can book online or call 775.324.0699.